Auto City  is not engaged in the business of purchasing, selling, or installing airbags or any form of vehicle inflatable occupant restraint system.

The vehicle you are purchasing/leasing may contain one or more airbag(s). In connection with the sale/lease of the vehicle to the buyer/lessee listed above, seller/lessor affirms it does not have any knowledge of the condition or operability of any airbag(s) on this used vehicle, and makes no representation or warranty as to whether or not it (they) would deploy in the event of an accident.

Neither Auto City nor any of its agents should have made any representation, oral or in writing, as to the condition of any airbag(s), and buyer/lessee(s) agree(s) to accept the vehicle without representation or warranty from seller/lessor as to the operability of any airbag(s). Buyer/lessee(s) further acknowledge(s) that buyer/lessee(s) can, at buyer/lessee(s) own expense, have the airbag(s) checked by an authorized dealer or authorized agent of the manufacturer, prior to completion of the sale, to determine if it (they) work(s) properly.