If the oil pressure or temperature light comes on while you are driving, STOP AND TURN OFF THE ENGINE IMMEDIATELY.    Severe engine damage will occur when your vehicle is operated under such conditions.

Engines overheat for many reasons.  If you choose to continue driving your vehicle with an overheated engine, expect the fix to be costly and not covered by your Limited Warranty.


CALL FOR TOW: Please Read First - You will be directed to a third party towing service, BIG TOE WRECKER. Please advise them you are an AUTO CITY Customer. You may not have to pay for the tow at the time of Pick Up, however, if it is later determined that the repairs needed are not covered by your warranty, towing fees will be added to your bill from the service center, payable upon completion of repairs. TOW TRUCK DRIVERS DO NOT ACCEPT PASSENGERS AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEMS LEFT IN THE VEHICLE.

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