There is no grace period for making your payment.  Payments will be considered late on the day following the due date.   

The first six (6) payments must be made on time and in full –  NO EXCEPTIONS

We understand that from time-to-time, unforeseen circumstances could arise that may prevent you from making your payment when due.  If you find yourself in this situation, please call before your due date.  We are eager to assist you with any reasonable request.  Documentation of your unforeseen circumstance may be required for your file.  In order for us to properly assist you, however, we must communicate regularly and honestly with each other.


Your contract may be considered in default and your vehicle may be repossessed.  If your vehicle is repossessed, Auto City is not obligated to reinstate your contract even if you make up the back payments.

If you are anticipating having trouble making a payment on time, please call.  You can generally avoid repossession by staying in touch with an account representative.